Hi! My intrepid PNW clients!

Our 24 hour forecast looks GREAT!!

Overcast ~ no rain :) 

Our venue is the "Hops Shed" built in 1888, 150 years & 20 foot cubed of rustic goodness :)  with 4 age-textured sides, no matter the time of day, we can find light that will work well :) As you can see, the little barn's colors vary from light grey or beige to near-charcoal:

Colors appeared more homogenous in these photos taken several years ago (2014 / 15).  After all these years, I'm excited to use this location again, and I really love its patina!

Venue Details:

Fall City Community Park

4105 Fall City Carnation Rd SE

Fall City, WA 98024

* historic landmark :) info on its history  

* Large gravel parking lot,

* large & bumpy mowed grass field

* a few twisted trees remain from an ancient apple orchard :)

* short path to the swollen Snoqualmie River, which just roared over the Falls a few miles back!

(definitely go see the Falls while you are here!! Huge!! https://www.snoqualmiefalls.com)

* some really interesting old windbreak farm trees

* and port-a-potties

This is the view from the parking lot. the hops shed is near the treelike at far left:


COVID Precautions:

Bring face masks / cloth face covers in a bag / waterproof container that you can set aside on the picnic table or grass that may be wet from the previous night, while you are being photographed (along with phones, keys, etc.).  

You will need to wear a mask if you'd like to peek at your photos on the back of my camera :)

I will be masked.

I will have hand sanitizer available, on the picnic table near the hops shed.

I know everyone will all give other families plenty of space :) even if you know each other :) 


Extras to bring:

In that same waterproof bag or container with your mask:  Lip balm / lip moisturizer / gloss / color ~ guys and girls, chapped lips are just about impossible to fix via photoshop :)  

Also, in your car:  water & snacks. With your toothbrush & floss if you are the one being photographed!)


One Outfit :)

Although one outfit, you can layer, and get several different looks.  I really like texture, so a leather / denim / corduroy jacket over a thick warm sweater or flannel, over a T-shirt, you get the picture :)  The field is bumpy; lots of mole hills... boots are good, or shoes with some kind of tread.  If you are wearing heels or nice shoes, you may like to bring an extra pair to walk the 50 yards or so from the parking lot to our shed!  Oh! and bring a warm hat for the end of your shoot (why not?) a warm beanie !  Here is a link to portraits that I love, to check out looks, keeping in mind that only some of them are in the Fall !



It will be cool; around 55 degrees.  Dress warmly :)  We will try to keep you moving during your 30 minutes, to keep warm :)  

I'll check the forecast again in the morning, but as of now, all looks well for weather!!  We only cancel if it is actually precipitating during your time slot, and Sunday is our back-up. 


30 minutes:

30 minutes goes by really fast!  We will try to keep moving, for variety for you to choose from :)


Mini Session Pricing:

$295  + 10% tax = $324.50,  prepaid for your photography session, via a personal credit card link I can send to you / Venmo @ Jeannine-Pound / PayPal [email protected]

Let's schedule your ordering session within the next couple weeks :) I'm totally good with a COVID-safe meeting @ my place (outdoors under cover with a heater & masks) or a Zoom meeting. You'll choose the one you'd like included with your mini! And you'll download it & take home your print that day. If you love more than one, each additional portrait will be $245 (both a digital download & a print).  If you love & buy 3 additional portraits ($735) that is considered the whole package for a little mini, and it is a USB of all your images from your mini, and prints of 4 of your choice :)

What if ... you are doing this mini, but you'd like to schedule a full session for the Spring?  This is very common for high school seniors!  We would buy a second photography session in the Spring ($295), it would include hair & shave or hair & make up at Gene Juarez or equivalent, 3 hours at your personalized location(s), and any portrait purchases from your mini session would be applied toward a package from that full session. 


I'm excited to see you this weekend!

We'll talk via phone on Friday afternoon to further refine your TIME slot on Saturday, and go over any outfits and questions!

Please do call / text / email any time!

Thank you for choosing Jeannine Pound Photography!!