ERICA! 2 Seasons ~ Skyline High School Grad 2021!!

June 15, 2021  •  Leave a Comment
Autumn... AND Spring! Ah, I think this could be a new senior portrait package! 2 seasons! Creativity flourishes under limitations, right? Erica's senior portrait "limits" started with COVID ~ like limits for all of us last year! We had NO options for hair styling or makeup... two things Erica had been looking forward to in her senior portrait...
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Anthony - Woodinville High class of '21 !

June 06, 2021  •  Leave a Comment
Anthony! Thank you for choosing my little biz! Your photoshoot was so much fun for me:) Mostly because of our jolly banter. YOU are a lot of fun:) Where to start... where to start... at the beginning! Anthony was my first under-18-er (NOT already in my mobile's address book) to contact me via text about making his senior portraits, ... and...
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Yasmeen ~ Post Alley

June 05, 2021  •  Leave a Comment
Oh so fun - Yasmeen's family was one of my VERY FIRST FAMILIES to give my little biz a try ~ and when I delivered her album (masked and all distanced of course!) there were photos of her from that very first shoot right there in the hallway! What joy in my heart! (feeling poetic!) Find itty bitty Yasmeen at ye old blog post, click here to go back...
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Dhruv! ... and my thoughts on films... and in-between moments...

June 04, 2021  •  1 Comment
To the person who recommended me to Dhruv's family for his senior portraits ~ thank you:) I have so much fun meeting friends of friends of friends, and i think it's funniest when I don't know where or when our extended friendship chain began:D I'm totally curious, would love for you to LMK if you are the person who placed your recommendation with S...
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Grace at Seventeen

May 08, 2021  •  1 Comment
This Spring, I had the immense pleasure of photographing the daughter of a long-ago friend of mine. My friend is Kim, and this is Grace. Kim highly values photographs, as I do. I remember that 20+ years ago, she had an eye:) And Grace has taken two years of Photography electives in high school, so we were 3 of a kind. We had our Planning Session...
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Greg's Seniors! Lake Sammamish - Bellevue - Carnation & Tolt

April 30, 2021  •  Leave a Comment
Oh that COVID hair was SO FUN!!! Beach bum looks on every man! Greg was agreeable to photographing his lengthy locks before cleaning him up! Why not In the ski boat? We agreed it was unbearable to chop the front flop so Val at Gene Juarez Men at the Bravern took off the hair in the back, shaping & texturing to Greg's likes: Gr...
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Elly ~ Eastlake Class of 2021 !

April 11, 2021  •  Leave a Comment
Zip zip! That was Elly! I honestly have never had a client who wanted to be finished with photos as quickly as Elly wanted to be finished with photos ~ I used to say that every client has fun, even the guys ~ but now I may have an exception! Maybe she had fun... oh I dunno, maybe not! But... SHE DID IT:) She did it for her Mum:) She did it for her...
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Zach's Rock Climbing (senior) Portraits :)

March 28, 2021  •  Leave a Comment
DO YOU SEE HIM? ... look at about the halfway point of the cliff, on the right side of the waterfall ~ ~ In Zach's free time, you'll find him in the mountains ~ :D woot woot! This was near the completion of our time together ~ we built UP TO the waterfall ~ we started (relatively) smaller:) First: completion of preparations: Zach scheduled...
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Phoebe! Sun, Lake & Bamboo !

March 19, 2021  •  Leave a Comment
Phoebe is my kind of girl:) That is to say, we love the same types of photographs:) She lives in a semi-minimalist, tall & slender house (how picturesque!) on the lake. Her home doesn't have a lot of "stuff" and each chosen furnishing or piece of decór is ~ unique ~ fun ~ different ~ interesting! I think, it is, quite an interesting allegory for P...
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Daniel, Senior Portraits in Seattle's International District

February 19, 2021  •  Leave a Comment
This was fun for me, as we went places I'd never been before:) Exploring Seattle is one of Daniel's favorite pastimes, and of the options for exploration, the Chinatown - International District is THE favorite! The food, the sights, the International Model Toys shop, the grocery store, the murals & graffiti; everything about it. I was interested ~...
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Zach ~ Skyline High School Senior Photos ~ Class of 2020

November 17, 2019  •  Leave a Comment
I mean it about having fun:) Might as well! I mean, you'll get used to acting like your smile is quite real, but getting those honestly-I-can't-help-it-smiles are a lot easier when you're doing something you enjoy! Like for Zach when he dribbles around me, or makes lay-ups while I'm shooting down from above the neighborhood hoop:) I like those smil...
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Cameron - Bellevue Christian Senior Photos

November 10, 2019  •  Leave a Comment
Happy Senior Sunday!! The idea was simply to get one good yearbook portrait for Cameron:) In the past, Bellevue Christian High School has always hired a pro studio to take all the senior portraits, and they are always very good portraits. But the excitement that shines when portraits are based on a person's own unique ideas, I suspect that would be...
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Dancing in Old Seattle - Lauren's Senior Portraits!

October 11, 2019  •  Leave a Comment
This portrait session was filled with more fun firsts for me. I love that about my work!! Each person is so unique. Lauren's family recently inflated. Her Dad married Nancy, our enthusiastic spark-plug cracker-jack Children's Pastor at Pine Lake Covenant Church:) And that is how I got to meet Miss Lauren, at our "Encore" after-service all-church-...
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Taylor & Sunflower Fields

September 20, 2019  •  Leave a Comment
A very very favorite time of year for our family is "Farmcation":) We travel 90 minutes to a DIFFERENT WORLD!!! A fantabulous and picturesque world! A world where childrens' stories come to LIFE! "The Big Red Barn in the Great Green Field had a weather vane, and a pig that squealed..." I laugh that city kids (& suburban kids!) grow up with sooo man...
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For the Love of Pet Portraits

August 19, 2019  •  Leave a Comment
Our kids are avid dog-sitters and dog-walkers. Earlier this month, we were able to keep "Millie" for a bit, while her humans vacationed in Europe. We considered our home to be Millie's summer vacation home:) When Ronnie brought Millie to us, he carried all of her puppy paraphernalia into our home, with 12 pink roses for me:) Millie turned out to be...
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