My Jo!

April 04, 2019  •  1 Comment

The Lord has blessed me with such fun folks to work with - and I'm finally doing what my cousin Amanda recommended YEARS ago at her maternity photoshoot, click here to see it) - filling up the great gaping galloping gaps in my business-abilities with someone who can complete those tasks efficiently, with low stress!  This brings me too... my Jo!

Jo & Alex James were clients of mine 4 years ago (click to see it), and afterward, Jo volunteered to help out if help was ever needed.  

It takes a lot to ask for a person to ask for help, but 2 years ago I admitted it - I needed it - I asked, and she answered -

smoothly & efficiently with no drama, no stress ;)  

She's fast too!  I barely got her in this frame:


Family Portraits with Jeannine Pound Photography in SeattleFamily Portraits with Jeannine Pound Photography in Seattle

She's amazing.  She's the calm in my storm :)  

This particular storm was during Kara & Eddie's engagement shoot on a hike to a waterfall (click to see it).  Jo carried outfits & camera gear & umbrellas & snacks & waters for all 4 of us.  She is so much fun, AND she poses for light tests:



She's also my heavy lifter :)  That's why she does cross-fit ;)

(photo credit Scott Cottrille! Thank you!  For more of this shoot, click here!)



She hauls me with my camera up & out out of tough spots in rivers...

and sometimes she rescues swimming puppies.  For this adventure click here, without splashing


Senior Portraits with Jeannine Pound Photography in SeattleSenior Portraits with Jeannine Pound Photography in Seattle
It was another Adventure when I kind of... flipped out... on the way to Sarah's bat mitzvah reception because I forgot the extra camera battery!  and Jo listened calmly, thought for a moment, and came up with an efficient solution, one that my brain was not going to figure out!  



Jo makes everything easy.  + She loves our photoshoots as much as I do!  

Now she is taking video clips & behind-the-scenes footage, which really help bring memory movies to life:


and she now helps polish our portraits in the office, post-shoot:

Senior Portraits with Jeannine Pound Photography in SeattleSenior Portraits with Jeannine Pound Photography in Seattle

Family Portraits with Jeannine Pound Photography in SammamishFamily Portraits with Jeannine Pound Photography in Sammamish
















and just this week,  I've asked her for help in my greatest struggle - against my arch-nemesis:   TIME.

Jo will fight that beastie for me, using the efficient weapon of a simple calendar.  

Whew!  I have commitment-phobia, calendar-phobia, ink-phobia... but when Jo inks the appointment in the books, we are golden :)  When it comes to

* pinning down dates for our shoot(s),

* planning our planning session,

* ordering up our ordering session -

Jo and her calendar will absolutely take care of you and me :)  

I soooo wish I kept bloopers of Jo for an occasion such as this, well, here's kind of a blooper...

Jo.  With my kids. Typical.

If only this was me with my kids, or Jo with Ben & Hugh!  

But no, it's Jo pretending to be the mom of my kids for a pre-shoot light test :) Per usual.  Love it.


Thank you for all your help, Jo James, & I'm looking forward to a lot more fun & adventures with "my Jo"!





Janice Frank(non-registered)
What a blessing that you have Jo as your very talented, capable, and enthusiastic "right arm", Jeannine! It makes me happy to know that she is your sidekick. You two make an amazing team!
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