Photographer mentoring with Fairyography

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So, you might know that I love the work of Fairyography... see the prettiness here:

Heather created her own art niche!  And to me it's so irresistible, I love pretend play and pretty dresses and -  of course - wings!


Fairyography is located in Athens, Georgia.  Heather started offering workshops this year, and sending live videos of her shoots, all super fun, but so far away.  When I heard that she was traveling to Seattle and offering a workshop for photographers in the Arboretum, I was like Yippee!  Spending time with a self-made entrepreneur who is pushing the boundaries of real life and make-believe ~ yes, please!

Heather is pretty silly, which quickly inspired the mischievous fairies to joyfully ambush her with plant detritus whenever she gave her attention to her photography students ~ 


I'm so inspired by the mommies who did this hair!  3 sets of gorgeous locks prepared by 3 fun moms!


These girls had never met before today, and quickly became a close knit family of fairy hooligans ~


Headpiece: Snazziedrawers

Heather gave me her long lens for a scene, so I could compare the bokeh & compression of my 85mm to her long lens Canon 135L.  The plants far in the background lost detail to become dark so that our fairies could stand out :)


Sleepy fairy in her bed - how I wish I'd thought to get her brown bare toes and long legs in frame, she would have looked more impish :)  


Think of the happiest things, that's the way you get your wings ~

Another fairy napping spot :) One thing I learned from Heather ~ including her feet and hands would have been so much better!


The trees were made for forest life, I think this little dryad is stepping out her front door for an evening of adventure ~


It was a super fun session for me, and my 3 girls are pretty excited that I was able to train with the Fairy Lady and because  -  I just received 3 sets of wings :)  

If your family has interest in future fairy portraits, let me know & I will keep in touch, click here!







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