Skyline Senior Photos - Natalie in Seattle

August 20, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Natalie is officially a Skyline High School graduate, even tho' she spent most of the last two years in college coursework - she has been in Running Start at Digipen - studying design & creating gaming art!  Cool!  It was awesome to photograph Natalie.  She is on the quiet side, content & confident, with quick opinions.  I can identify with the artist in her.  Natalie, her Mom Michelle, and I enjoyed choosing colorful locations as we walked Fremont.   

The one real vision I had in mind was this one:  Natalie in her own world - an artist sketching intently, alone in Gasworks Park, with the entire city of a million people surrounding her - in her red pants :)   The shots in this series exceeded my imagination, because of Natalie's shape - pert curls, photogenic profile, cropped leather jacket that defined her waist, long red lines to the tips of her toes - SO fun.  

Natalie sketched a cool scene that she was actually viewing at the time - the Aurora Bridge arching over the canal, and the cityscape.  Also in her sketchbook were a few of her gaming characters :) And those were the sketches I wanted in this shot :)

During this shoot, an event was happening at Gasworks Park.  We parked blocks away, and walked in.  There were thousands of people milling about booths and a loudspeaker announcing new arrivals crossing the finish line - yet, we found enough space to give the impression of solitude, yay!  :)

Next we moved to the University district - the pretty old green bridge and even better - the graffiti under the bridges.

Congratulations, Miss Natalie!  Class of 2016!


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