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Happy Senior Sunday!! 11 The idea was simply to get one good yearbook portrait for Cameron :)  In the past, Bellevue Christian High School has always hired a pro studio to take all the senior portraits, and they are always very good portraits.  But the excitement that shines when portraits are based on a person's own unique ideas, I suspect that would be missing.  I had so much fun photographing Michael from BCHS in different ways ~ although none of those portraits could be submitted as his yearbook portrait, it was WELL worth the adventure of making them for his family, take a look here.   2019 was the first time families could submit senior photos from their own photographers at BCHS, and wow!  The 2019 senior section is beautiful, with such a fun variety of images, all tied together with a consistent style for names, and a paragraph per person beginning with that person's chosen Bible verse.  A beautiful tribute to graduating seniors!  I'm so glad I get to contribute to the BCHS 2020 yearbook ~ Cameron gets to choose one of these for his senior portrait!  We only needed to make one good one but when we started shooting, it was just too much fun, we kept going...


Cameron's Mom, Michele, told me a little bit about Cameron's cherry red BMW... THIS car was her DREAM car... then she earned it!  This car was her reward to herself once she made it in the business world, and she loved it.  And now, this is Cameron's car, and he is giving it all the TLC it could need :)  It was glowing for its photoshoot ;)  This baby is in good hands -

3333 And car-care is for real, not just for show - Cameron knows his engines :)  He has been training, and earning both high school and college credits, in STEM courses for Automotive Technology through WANIC at Bellevue High School.    He splits his school days between the automotive lab at BHS and his "regular" classes, at Bellevue Christian High School.

Cameron's eyes are unforgettable, and highly photographable!  Icy blue?  Crystal-blue.  Unique.  With deep blue iris rims - my camera loved his gorgeous eyes and locked focus soooo easily, even as the evening light passed away.  

We made a long series of yearbook-y shots using his car as our background :)  These are 3 of my many favorites:

55 2323
Cameron, Michele and I had fun making this photoshoot happen ~ Michele was carrying reflectors and setting up a huge V-flat reflector in the quiet pastoral road, and then deftly directing any sort of traffic that did come along :)  Cameron was all about the details and angles, with ideas I would not have thought of!  I love the car lights turned ON, little detail, big impact :)

4545 1919 The sun left us, and the moon rose... and I think we achieved my #1 goal ~ we had fun :)  Yep, Cameron said it:  the sky turned midnight blue, then black, we were packing up, and Cameron said he hadn't been looking forward to getting his portraits made - but it was fun, it was actually fun ~ goal achieved :)  AND he now has quite the selection from which to choose his BCHS yearbook portrait, that's just bonus :)  Cameron, I get to pray for your life whenever I see your photos pop up on my website, and that will be a blessing to me.  I'll pray that you'll personally know the great faithfulness of our Lord, His power & goodness throughout your life. Amen!






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