Anthony - Woodinville High class of '21 !

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Anthony! Thank you for choosing my little biz! Your photoshoot was so much fun for me :)

Mostly because of our jolly banter. YOU are a lot of fun :)

60 - Anthony Hill - JeanninePoundPhotography60 - Anthony Hill - JeanninePoundPhotography

Anthony was my first senior portrait client who I did NOT already know to contact me via text... and I was really wary that this mystery person may actually be a Colombian scam-artist preying on naive American small business owners ~ I was just waiting for the misspellings... followed by the circuitous request for dollars or bitcoin!    😆    BUT HE WAS FOR REAL! yay! Anthony, I'm glad you're real!  It was a great clue when he texted that he needed to ask his Mom about photography dates :) 👌🏼 Then I was feeling ok :)  I was impressed with Anthony's maturity & assertiveness right out of the box. 

Last Fall of course, we were well pre-vaccine; "vaccine" was just a goal / a dream with about 20 companies planning or recruiting clinical trial participants; but the vaccine dream was like a horse race with no finish line in sight. We were still in stay-home-stay-safe mode, physically in our own little sanitized boxes. So Anthony & I zoomed a Planning Meeting ~ and finally met IRL at his trim & style at Gene Juarez on Photography Day :)

Thank you, Michael (@mmenhennitt) at Redmond Gene Juarez, for Anthony's trim & style!!! Anthony's Dad, Phillip, met us outside Gene Juarez afterward, and we caravanned to Anthony's home:

13 -  Anthony Hill - JeanninePoundPhotography13 - Anthony Hill - JeanninePoundPhotography

Anthony's true home ^ that is- a beach :)  Not necessarilllyyy for sunbathing :)  Mostly for finding the critters :)  

He's a goal-oriented young man, with an inquiring mind, and a passion for the sea... critters!

2 - Anthony Hill - JeanninePoundPhotography2 - Anthony Hill - JeanninePoundPhotography 64 - ShareOnline - JeanninePoundPhotography64 - ShareOnline - JeanninePoundPhotography 1 - Anthony Hill - JeanninePoundPhotography1 - Anthony Hill - JeanninePoundPhotography

So Golden Gardens oceanfront park in Ballard was an ideal location to start shooting.

20 - Anthony Hill - JeanninePoundPhotography20 - Anthony Hill - JeanninePoundPhotography

3 - Anthony Hill - JeanninePoundPhotography3 - Anthony Hill - JeanninePoundPhotography

...then we took a little roam... south and over the canal... with new opportunities to pull over & explore new places...

24 - ShareOnline - JeanninePoundPhotography24 - ShareOnline - JeanninePoundPhotography    4 - Anthony Hill - JeanninePoundPhotography4 - Anthony Hill - JeanninePoundPhotography
25 - Anthony Hill - JeanninePoundPhotography25 - Anthony Hill - JeanninePoundPhotography

Anthony is a natural born scientist. He gets it from his Mom, Melinda!  In 8th grade, his curiosity was inspired by the movie "The Martian" ~ would plants be able to grow on Mars withOUT a weather-vulnerable pressurized greenhouse?  Hmmm...  He put a variety of food-plants into a vacuum chamber in his basement & added carbon dioxide, to simulate Martian atmospheric composition & pressure - AN 8th GRADER! - and then tested the plants' enzyme functions versus identical control plants at timepoints up to 3 days ~ and THEN crafted the results of his study into a presentation cutely titled

"No Pressure: The Effects of Martian-Like Atmospheric Pressure on Enzyme Catalyzed Reactions in Plants"

which took him to the top 300 then the top 30 then to a Technology Award at the national science competition Broadcom Masters.


8 - Anthony Hill - JeanninePoundPhotography8 - Anthony Hill - JeanninePoundPhotography

^ VERY nice portrait

~ confident, humble, hopeful ~ PERFECT for ANY occasion a headshot could possibly be wanted over your next several years ~ but let's add some "yeah" 

7 - Anthony Hill - JeanninePoundPhotography7 - Anthony Hill - JeanninePoundPhotography

awesome ^ ! 

but i do want a little more... superhero scientist out to save humanity -

10 - Anthony Hill - JeanninePoundPhotography10 - Anthony Hill - JeanninePoundPhotography

that's it!  ^

and THIS is why my photoshoot with Anthony was so fun for me :). We were giggling like school kids and having a ball the entire time and making super fun portraits :)

6 - Anthony Hill - JeanninePoundPhotography6 - Anthony Hill - JeanninePoundPhotography

5 - Anthony Hill - JeanninePoundPhotography5 - Anthony Hill - JeanninePoundPhotography

Our next couple portraits in this series may be described by Anthony as "the Discoverer" ~ like the intrepid explorer who plants a flag on the moon, or on a desert island ~ or I may describe the same portraits as "Gatsby-esque":

29-cropped - Anthony Hill - JeanninePoundPhotography29-cropped - Anthony Hill - JeanninePoundPhotography

67 - Anthony Hill - JeanninePoundPhotography-267 - Anthony Hill - JeanninePoundPhotography-2

Yes! see what i mean?? Link:

The Great Gatsby Movie PosterThe Great Gatsby Movie Poster


38 - Anthony Hill - JeanninePoundPhotography38 - Anthony Hill - JeanninePoundPhotography

I'm especially intrigued by one of Anthony's previous science projects... watching video of an aquarium octopus (instead of being there in person) to understand its behaviors / movement patterns / probability that it would be in one part of the tank or another ~ it was suspected that the creature would block the water flow in its tank to get the humans to give it a little excitement :)   

Anthony's octopus-observing totally inspires my imagination... on macro-scale quantum mechanics, as applied to an octopus under study. Dear Reader, please allow me to nerd: 

Schrodinger OctopusSchrodinger Octopus

Heisenberg Octopus copyHeisenberg Octopus copy

And the sun went down...

11b - Anthony Hill - JeanninePoundPhotography11b - Anthony Hill - JeanninePoundPhotography

11 - Anthony Hill - JeanninePoundPhotography11 - Anthony Hill - JeanninePoundPhotography     

And we were given a gift :)

79 - Outtake Baby - JeanninePoundPhotography79 - Outtake Baby - JeanninePoundPhotography

o da weetle baby! all washed up awone! ^  Anthony had noticed a sign with a phone number to call in case of baby seals on the beach. He made the call and encouraged the gathering crowd to keep well away from baby :)  he was in his element.  

On our walk back to the cars, Anthony's dad, Phillip, shared an astounding video clip of orcas interacting with the family's kayaks during a recent family vacation. This was such fun for me to "immerse" myself into this family's life for a day!! Thank you, Anthony, Melinda & Phillip!  I hope to touch base now and again to see what science-y things the next years hold for Anthony at 

Stony Brook University




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