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Oh so fun - Yasmeen's family was one of my VERY FIRST FAMILIES to give my little biz a try ~ and when I delivered her album (masked and all distanced of course!) there were photos of her from that very first shoot right there in the hallway! What joy in my heart!  (feeling poetic!) 

Find itty bitty Yasmeen at ye old blog post, click here to go back to 2013 :)

So to take her seniors last October was SO MUCH FUN for me!!

7 - Yasmeen - Jeannine-Pound-Photography7 - Yasmeen - Jeannine-Pound-Photography
Yas is graduating from both high school & from the school where she actually takes her classes: 

Bellevue College!


6 - Yasmeen - Jeannine-Pound-Photography6 - Yasmeen - Jeannine-Pound-Photography


We made our Senior Portraits last October :)

Near the waterfront of downtown Seattle, at Pike Place Market. & Post Alley


11 - Yasmeen - Jeannine-Pound-Photography11 - Yasmeen - Jeannine-Pound-Photography


I just love all the texture of the crumbly brick walls,

the odd nooks & unique doorways

& the unexpected colors

and the jovial people

in the Pike Place Market area.


5 - Yasmeen - Jeannine-Pound-Photography5 - Yasmeen - Jeannine-Pound-Photography

3 - Yasmeen - Jeannine-Pound-Photography3 - Yasmeen - Jeannine-Pound-Photography

8 - Yasmeen - Jeannine-Pound-Photography8 - Yasmeen - Jeannine-Pound-Photography


Yasmeen is a PLANNER.

It's her nature :) Inborn.

And Yas is opinionated. She KNOWS what she likes & knows what she doesn't.

This benefitted me.

I liked the texts back-and-forth prior to our shoot.

I appreciated SEEing the outfits under consideration, in advance.

The colors, shapes and their combinations were able to roll & meld in my mind well before, allowing me to consider backgrounds prior to reaching our location.

Whew! That is a huge stress-reliever for me! Just FYI!  

It's like athletics, right? Envision in advance for best results  :)


9 - Yasmeen - Jeannine-Pound-Photography9 - Yasmeen - Jeannine-Pound-Photography


Thank you to Miguel at Gene Juarez in Redmond, for Yasmeen's beautiful fresh cut & style :)

Thank you to Cody, for your easy-going encouragement & readiness to join in!! 

2 - Yasmeen - Jeannine-Pound-Photography2 - Yasmeen - Jeannine-Pound-Photography


Cody & Yasmeen are both taekwondo teachers!!  ^ 

Maybe I'll get to photograph them together, each in a dobok (training uniform) & ddi (belt)  :)

- I just learned that dobok literally means "clothing of the way" 

~ any Mando fans out there? ~

1 - Yasmeen - Jeannine-Pound-Photography1 - Yasmeen - Jeannine-Pound-Photography



Love this:








can't resist this last memory...

2013 Itty bitty Yasmeen w/ li'l sis!



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