Dhruv! ... and my thoughts on films... and in-between moments...

June 04, 2021  •  1 Comment

To the person who recommended me to Dhruv's family for his senior portraits ~ thank you :)  I have so much fun meeting friends of friends of friends, and i think it's funniest when I don't know where or when our extended friendship chain began :D  I'm totally curious, would love for you to LMK if you are the person who placed your recommendation with Shalini! :) 

Dhruv!  You are almost there!

Graduation June 11th :)

Let's walk back down a tiny memory lane from the Fall & Dhruv's senior portraits:

15 - Dhruv - Jeannine_Pound_Photography15 - Dhruv - Jeannine_Pound_Photography

23 - Dhruv - Jeannine_Pound_Photography23 - Dhruv - Jeannine_Pound_Photography

I LOVE Dhruv's choice of outfit here! It's the NW twist on All American with great textures, great cozy factor,

and of course, great shoes :)

21 - Dhruv - Jeannine_Pound_Photography21 - Dhruv - Jeannine_Pound_Photography 17 - Dhruv - Jeannine_Pound_Photography B&W17 - Dhruv - Jeannine_Pound_Photography B&W

18 - Dhruv - Jeannine_Pound_Photography18 - Dhruv - Jeannine_Pound_Photography 1 - Dhruv - Jeannine_Pound_Photography1 - Dhruv - Jeannine_Pound_Photography

You know how... in a film...

the best stories are the ones that stretch to ALL the emotions ~ from the serious parts... to all-out laughter!  ~

I think that's how it is with Portrait Sessions as well :)  

The serious moods are so personal,

and the laughing shots are the best ~

but you need both to highlight each other ...

otherwise ... like, say, for example, an action flick that

never ever ever slows down or lets up for a moment -

just one emotion for over an hour can be quite -


A roller coaster is only fun if it has highs and lows,

and a portrait session for me is AWESOME when it includes both 

open-soul-serious eyes


laughter that you can practically HEAR  :)  


And everything in between!

19 - Dhruv - Jeannine_Pound_Photography19 - Dhruv - Jeannine_Pound_Photography 65 - Dhruv - Jeannine_Pound_Photography65 - Dhruv - Jeannine_Pound_Photography 41 - Dhruv - Jeannine_Pound_Photography41 - Dhruv - Jeannine_Pound_Photography 7 - Dhruv - Jeannine_Pound_Photography7 - Dhruv - Jeannine_Pound_Photography 66 - Dhruv - Jeannine_Pound_Photography66 - Dhruv - Jeannine_Pound_Photography 44 - Dhruv - Jeannine_Pound_Photography44 - Dhruv - Jeannine_Pound_Photography
52 - Dhruv - Jeannine_Pound_Photography52 - Dhruv - Jeannine_Pound_Photography
31 - Dhruv - Jeannine_Pound_Photography31 - Dhruv - Jeannine_Pound_Photography
12 - Dhruv - Jeannine_Pound_Photography12 - Dhruv - Jeannine_Pound_Photography

I also adore the in-betweener moments!

Those always end up being favorites for me -

ok, i won't tease, ALL people-portrait moments are my favorite moments! -

But i like in-betweeners

like when my client takes a moment aside & is thinking...


below, i might've said something like

"let's imagine you are going to turn in my direction & suddenly see an OLD FRIEND (instead of ME with a CAMERA),

and you're surprised and pleased and you greet me like I'm a good buddy..."    

so here's that in-betweener moment, that thinking look...

as he decides how to look when he suddenly sees an old friend...

47 - Dhruv - Jeannine_Pound_Photography47 - Dhruv - Jeannine_Pound_Photography

... and then he would come up with one of the looks above ^

The smile, the laugh, the genuine self ~

and here's another favorite in-betweener moment I love,

It's when my client takes a moment to brush back their hair and I see it and- 


and they look up and

click click

63 - Dhruv - Jeannine_Pound_Photography63 - Dhruv - Jeannine_Pound_Photography

^ yep, unconsciously


People of all ages / genders happenstance into those moments; we all do - but unlike Flynn Rider (Disney's Rapunzel, film clip below), in life & photoshoots the moment is completely unintentional, it happens when you've been taking photos for quite a while... or just hanging out with friends for quite a while... & you're completely unconscious of yourself... but the camera just happens to be there ~ along with someone who SEES IT  :)

I recall a girls' San Juan Island weekend 3 years ago

(Cara, Beth, Camilla, Jean, Linda, you know the weekend)

We're the only 6 people hanging out on the rocky NW driftwood beach & the August sun is bright & my girlfriends are all wearing summer fabrics & the world seems so colorful

& I'm bending to pick up my camera & Beth says 

"STOP! Stay right there!"

and she gets her phone and click click!

I love those pictures!

Those are images of what others see -

when you are just you.  It's what your friends see. It's what people passing by see - when they see you.



That said,

Beware... intentionally going for an e-boy / Hollywood or dreaded Insta-girl-kissy-face look don't work... grammar intentional... don't selfie that.



Altogether a successful photoshoot.

Right down to our primary goal...

our senior yearbook portrait :)


2 - Dhruv - Jeannine_Pound_Photography2 - Dhruv - Jeannine_Pound_Photography


Thank you, Dhruv & family!

I pray for the Lord's love to bless you through and through.

I'm excited for Dhruv to begin a next-chapter of life,

and I feel nostalgic sad-happy for his parents who are finishing a chapter of their own,

although I'm sure the next part of the story will be fun as well!




Thank you to Abby at Gene Juarez Men for hair :)



Shalini Prochazka(non-registered)
Thank you Jeanine Jeannine Pound Photography for such wonderful senior pics. It was not just the pics but the entire process of preparing and guiding that was incredible. It would probably have been choatic for us if you hadn’t been there every step of the way. Could not be happier and Thank you so much.
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