Eastlake High School Senior Photos - Ben

January 06, 2017  •  3 Comments

We were sitting at Ben's house tossing ideas into the air over the coffee table.  Ben's Mom, Denise: "Maybe a river - or a trail in the forest" and Ben says "I'd like a farm.  A pumpkin patch!"  And immediately, obviously, "pumpkin patch" just says "moody album cover"  :)  So how perfect that Ben loves playing his acoustic & electric guitars and was enjoying his college level course on Seattle scene music history Fall quarter!  The collaborative creative part of planning photo sessions is crazy fun for me.  We will play off of your ideas and create a scene that is all YOU and is also me and then we go out and make it happen, I LOVE the "make-it-happen!"  



And then, of course, there is the happy pumpkin singer.  My kids want to go to this show:



Thank you to the local Sammamish Seres Farm and to my friends, Andrew & Keri, with their historical Fall City property.  Horses, silo, field, barn, anything farm and rustic spoke to Ben, and he fit the scenes :)




I so enjoyed photographing Ben's looks, I'll be suggesting layers & jackets & a shave-in-the-middle-of-the-shoot going forward :)



A primary thing about Ben is his mischievous sense of humor, I wish I still had that modeling pose pic... with the hips... teehee!  I had so much fun with Ben and Denise this day.



Ben, my prayer for you is that your personality will light many lives!  And that the Lord will direct your path.  I hope your future includes music and barns and fields and horses, in greater or smaller degrees!  This was so fun! 



Jeannine Pound Photography
Thank you, Tiffany & Lesley! It was so fun :)
Tiffany LaMonte(non-registered)
These are simply amazing!
Lesley Roddixk(non-registered)
So so so beautiful.
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