Let's Go Outside! Senior Photos - Brittney

April 12, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Brittney's dog, Rhae, bustled around our party saying hello to my Zoe-girl & all involved in this venture.  Brittney has raised Rhae since she was a pup, and her dog was anxious to hit the trail with a tennis ball toy.  With dark skies and rain in the forecast, we were all anxious to find some shelter under the old growth cedars at Duthie Hill!  Brittney looked completely comfortable striding through brush & ferns and occasionally sprinting after her pup when Rhae took a notion to race after a scent!  Squirrel!  The portraits with Rhae were some of her Brittney's favorites:

Brittney and her family have been part of Legacy Homeschool Center which gives her more flexibility than most teens for weekday adventures or work.  She has a babysitting business (her preference!), and she has also had the pleasure of caring for horses for work.  Our sunshine popped out for a moment just a moment while visiting a historic dairy barn in Fall City: 

Brittney's shy mischievous grey-blue eyes, with her freckles & favored auburn hair were fun with the rust colored foliage and grey-blue skies:


Brittney's Mom, Karen, has been an amazing mentor in my life, she has a passion for walking alongside women when they need God's emotional healing.  Photographing Brittney with this lively raging river was special for me, as the Holy Spirit is often referred to as "living water", and I'm reminded of more and more biblical metaphors with Karen's girl standing on solid rock :)  

Gorgeous barefoot girl, my prayer for you is that you'll follow God to many adventures, enjoying every journey and relationship along the way.  I enjoyed making your senior portraits with you! 


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