Eddie & Kara's Heartfelt Ranch Wedding Celebration

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THIS FAMILY has been so much FUN for me to photograph!!  

Kara's extended family were some of my FIRST clients 4 years ago - the day I met both Eddie & Kara, see the photos here :)  Then 2 years ago I photographed Kara's cousin, Garret, in Pioneer Square, Seattle, see that photoshoot here!   And recently, Eddie & Kara's hike to Twin Falls was fun in the pouring rain!  check those out here!

Now their WEDDING :)

At the First Lutheran Church in Ellensburg, we made a preschool room into a bridal dressing room :)  This is where Allie Gray crafted beautiful bridesmaids' hair.  Kara & Lauren's hair made gorgeous by Kortni Stowe at Fringe 5th Ave Salon.  Kelli Brooks applied knockout make up in our bridal room, and all the ladies could be together here :) 

The men with the man :)

Family means A LOT to both Kara & Eddie.  Their families combined with warmth & laughter throughout the evening.

The sanctuary is filling!  Close friends of Kara's, John Michel & Carrie Rehkopf of Kairos, sons Marcus & Luke, and friend _______ on bass, filled the sanctuary with breathtaking music.

This recording is not from our wedding, but to hear the soul-lifting music chosen by Eddie & Kara, you can

listen to the Flower Duet from Lake by Delibes (violin & cello) here.  

Wow.  It was INCREDIBLE performed by the Rehkopfs at the church during the seating of the family :)  

Kara did not choose the traditional wedding march - she chose for her friend Mila to play the gorgeous music "Jessica's Theme" from "The Man from Snowy River".    This U-Tube video is not a recording from the wedding, but to hear the music Kara chose for her walk, click here :)  

Kara felt so right having the ceremony in her home church.  She had grown up here.  The First Lutheran wedding coordinator, Cookie Ringe, had been Kara's Sunday School teacher :)  Pastor Dennis Hickman's encouraging & practical Biblical message was filled with warmth.

Tina Boggs read verses to the hymn "Love is the Sunlight" written by Shirley Murray, before the entire church joined in singing the rest of the hymn.  It included the phrase "Love forgets self to care for the other, Love changes life from water to wine..." :)  

Chiara Victor read "An Apache Wedding Blessing" that included the phrase "Now you are two persons, but there is one life before you."  

All sang the hymn "O Perfect Love" which identifies God as "Love".

Rosy Boggs presented the lighting of the Unity Candle.  Two candles representing the two individuals remain lit, while they together light the larger Unity Candle.  She read a quote from the founder of Hasidic Judaism, Baal Shem Tov that included the phrase "...their streams of light flow together, and a single brighter light goes forth from their united being."   

Eddie & Kara each took their vows & exchanged rings.

Immediately after rings were exchanged, Marisa took up her violin along with the Rehkopf family & played while the marriage license was signed.

Then, the bride took up her own instrument and the sisters played together - this was incredible to watch!

Their timing, their glances between each other, their passion in the music.  Powerful.

"Lover's Waltz" by Jay Unger & Molly Mason

Many thank yous to Eddie & Kara's friend, Elena Bordas, who posted this VIDEO from the wedding to Facebook!!!!  I love hearing it again!

* Kiss! *

Mr. & Mrs. Contreras :)

Confetti :)


The reception site is gorgeous & memorable:  The Cattle Barn in Cle Elum.  We stopped for bridal party photos at the old original Cattle Barn property before moving on to the party:

Onward to the party.  The Cattle Barn is set on & between hills in Cle Elum, you can see forever, with no other homes or buildings in sight...  Kara & sisters used to ride horses here :)  The fields stretch on to the hills with all shades of green, it was deliciously beautiful!  The barn was decorated by the bridal party, a large tent had been brought in for dining, table decorations had been made by Kara & friends, the scene was gorgeous & down-home at the same time - Lots of artistic & imaginative touches by family and friends made points of interest all around the property :)

The Mariachi del Centro band with lively rhythms!

Family speeches were far more than memorable - Joel started the laughter rolling :)

Alejandro's words were full of respect as he related how much of an inspiration his big brother has been for him!

Anybody have video/audio of Marisa & Julia describing the kind of man who can lasso the heart of a Wickerath sister?

So good ;)

Speeches were in both English & Spanish.  Alejandra served as translator.  She took her job very seriously... but it's hard to maintain a straight face when translating for this group!!  Here Eddie's mother, Maria, expressed the warmest thoughts for her son & new daughter-in-law, before giving in to the joyful & silly mood of the room :)

Jim gave us insights into Kara, and spoke about how Kara & Eddie are such a fit - and about his love for Lauren - and his thoughts about his daughters dating - and bonus thoughts as long as he had a mic and a translator!

Eddie & Kara's cakes were works of art - the detail was astounding, and flavor delectable.  A 5-layer cake, one half diamonds & wedding dress, the other 1/2 is like intricately carved saddle leather, just gorgeous.   The "Groom's Cake" celebrates Eddie's love of the outdoors & fishing - there was a real fishing fly in this trout's mouth! 

Time to dance?

These families are now married together, 

and both share a culture of having a WHOLE LOT OF FUN!! 

DJ Darren got everyone to the outdoor dance floor and involved in games before starting up the dancing,

This ... outdoor dancing with the sunset reflecting in The Cattle Barn windows was... gorgeous:

Next up:  Father-Daughter Dance!

Jim & Kara

I was so delighted, oh, this family has fun :)

Thank you to Julia Wickerath for posting this VIDEO of the most tender moments...



Eddie's Mom gets to look way up when dancing with him :)  DJ Darren poses questions :)  Bouquet & Garter tosses :)  Then we simply... danced the night away!


Friends & Family can download full resolution photographs to print or share, here.  Please give photo credit to Jeannine Pound Photography, thank you!

Our Jeannine Pound Photography Team was a whole lot of fun for me that day!! BIG THANKS to Jo James for amazing assistant work, and LOTS OF LOVE to Lara Randalls of Lara Randalls Photography who assisted as "second shooter" and contributed FANTASTICALLY with angles & ideas we would not have had.  

We photographed my cousin's lovely outdoor wedding & wedding reception a couple years ago.  She sent a beautiful note recently, about what she FEELS as she looks back at her wedding photos, and I love her wording:

"So we've got the pre-vow photos and the post-vow photos right?  And it just seems to me when I look at the pre-vow photos that all the nervousness comes back.  Of course, it's a priceless nervousness and there is cuteness and everything there.  Then when I look at the post-vow photos I feel triumphant, and all the release of nerves in that moment, and there is something about looking at us as bonded as actual man and wife that is so different than even just a few moments before...anyway I don't know if you have noticed a similar vibe now that you've done more wedding photos..."


I pray newlyweds Kara & Eddie may re-live ALL of those emotions, years from now, as they look at their wedding day photos!!

A huge thank you to Eddie, Kara, Jim & Lauren for trusting me with their big day :)


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