Tyson - Kittitas Senior Portraits

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Wow, I find it kind of shocking to watch a kid grow up right in front of my eyes :)  Tyson's Dad, Brent & my husband, Tony, are cousins.  We spend every Labor Day weekend at Tyson's home.  He has taken our girls riding on his 4-wheelers for years and years until they learned to handle the vehicles on their own... (not SO well.... uh... sorry about that crash, Brent & Kirsten!)  It will be a little sad this 2018 Labor Day if Tyson is off to college already!  We like to sink into the farm life for a weekend.  Brent lets my girls drive the HUGE farm machinery with him, stacking alfalfa bales or cutting hay.  We pick corn for dinner.  Visit the sunflowers.  The kids all bury each other in the truck of seed oats.  We visit the owl in the barn loft.  I photograph that old truck.  The boys put on a show on the trampoline.  Kirsten runs in and out of her own home, back & forth from the Fair, and the fridge and pantry are packed FULL of yummies for all the relatives, and somehow she makes everyone feel at home.  We appreciate the cute cows from last summer as we enjoy our BBQ dinner, and then feed the pigs our corn cobs.  We play volleyball in the back yard with all the cousins, aunts & uncles.  And we take photos near sunset - This is the farm Tyson's grandparents owned, now his parents, and he has worked it his whole life.  He is attending Central Washington University through Running Start.  After this year, he gets to head into a city of choice for college, and experience urban life.  I look forward to hearing about his adventures :)  


We started his senior portraits in downtown Ellensburg, the old brick alleys:





And then home, home on the range:




Tyson-21-JeanninePoundPhotographyTyson-21-JeanninePoundPhotography Tyson-20-JeanninePoundPhotographyTyson-20-JeanninePoundPhotography

Baseball has been a huge part of Tyson's life, his Kittitas Coyotes #15 jersey:

Tyson-18-JeanninePoundPhotographyTyson-18-JeanninePoundPhotography Tyson-19-JeanninePoundPhotographyTyson-19-JeanninePoundPhotography

Tyson-23-JeanninePoundPhotographyTyson-23-JeanninePoundPhotography Tyson-22-JeanninePoundPhotographyTyson-22-JeanninePoundPhotography Tyson-43-JeanninePoundPhotographyTyson-43-JeanninePoundPhotography


Tyson-26-JeanninePoundPhotographyTyson-26-JeanninePoundPhotography Tyson-25-JeanninePoundPhotographyTyson-25-JeanninePoundPhotography

Tyson-30-JeanninePoundPhotographyTyson-30-JeanninePoundPhotography Tyson-35-JeanninePoundPhotographyTyson-35-JeanninePoundPhotography Tyson-36-JeanninePoundPhotographyTyson-36-JeanninePoundPhotography Tyson-41-JeanninePoundPhotographyTyson-41-JeanninePoundPhotography Tyson-40-JeanninePoundPhotographyTyson-40-JeanninePoundPhotography

Oh Tyson, you're lucky I don't have well organized picture files from the past... there are lots of years of Farmcation photos of you that I wish I could tag on to the end of this post ;)  I'm so glad that we are family :) Well, ok, here's one of my favorites, before the video -

circa 2011:




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