Phoebe! Sun, Lake & Bamboo !

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Phoebe is my kind of girl :) That is to say, we love the same types of photographs :) 

She lives in a semi-minimalist, tall & slender house (how picturesque!) on the lake. Her home doesn't have a lot of "stuff" and each chosen furnishing or piece of decór is ~ unique ~ fun ~ different ~ interesting! I think, it is, quite an interesting allegory for Phoebe!!!

I really think so! Phoebe prefers less. She prefers unique. She prefers simple. She is herself. 

So we started Phoebe's portrait session at sunrise, on her lake :)

007a - Phoebe - Jeannine_Pound_Photography007a - Phoebe - Jeannine_Pound_Photography 019a - Phoebe - Jeannine_Pound_Photography019a - Phoebe - Jeannine_Pound_Photography 012a - Phoebe - Jeannine_Pound_Photography012a - Phoebe - Jeannine_Pound_Photography

018a - Phoebe - Jeannine_Pound_Photography018a - Phoebe - Jeannine_Pound_Photography
016a - Phoebe - Jeannine_Pound_Photography016a - Phoebe - Jeannine_Pound_Photography 013a - Phoebe - Jeannine_Pound_Photography013a - Phoebe - Jeannine_Pound_Photography 014a - Phoebe - Jeannine_Pound_Photography014a - Phoebe - Jeannine_Pound_Photography

We were invited to photograph in a private garden nearby, a spur-of-the-moment invitation, when the owner chanced to see us making portraits. Oh, did we have fun in the garden :) 

022a - Phoebe - Jeannine_Pound_Photography022a - Phoebe - Jeannine_Pound_Photography 027a - Phoebe - Jeannine_Pound_Photography027a - Phoebe - Jeannine_Pound_Photography 043a - Phoebe - Jeannine_Pound_Photography043a - Phoebe - Jeannine_Pound_Photography

048a - Phoebe - Jeannine_Pound_Photography048a - Phoebe - Jeannine_Pound_Photography

This inviting garden was irresistibly MADE for bare feet, and aqua-painted toenails!  There was even a stone dragon guarding the bamboo!

The first time anyone is in a Photography Session, we are all a little self-conscious, I wonder if it's more so when posing in bamboo?

057a - Phoebe - Jeannine_Pound_Photography057a - Phoebe - Jeannine_Pound_Photography 056a - Phoebe - Jeannine_Pound_Photography056a - Phoebe - Jeannine_Pound_Photography

We DID have an audience, after all. Parents Gavin & Kim were present, although not watching too obviously, and my Joy was there assisting & we also had another gracious neighbor with us, Mr. Sherwood!

Within a few frames, and after looking at some of our results on the back of our camera, Phoebe & I were professionals :)

098b - Phoebe - Jeannine_Pound_Photoraphy098b - Phoebe - Jeannine_Pound_Photoraphy
065bb - Phoebe - Jeannine_Pound_Photoraphy065bb - Phoebe - Jeannine_Pound_Photoraphy 062b - Phoebe - Jeannine_Pound_Photoraphy062b - Phoebe - Jeannine_Pound_Photoraphy

Moving into our original plan at our host Mr. Sherwood's sandy beach, we were delighted with the tall golden-flowering reeds at the shore. I just love the name Sherwood ~ Here we are, at the lake in Sherwood Forest! - oh, yes, and we had bubble guns. Thank you to Phoebe's Mum, Kim, and to my daughter, Joy, for manning our rapid-fire bubble guns !!

Behind-the-scenes: The blue bubble gun at top left in the first photo is Kim, and the blue bubble gun making an appearance at the right side of the second photo is Joy :)  Decisions, decisions! - how many bubbles are enough? how many are too many? where to aim the bubble guns? at Phoebe's head? her face? her heart? in front of her? behind her? The wind is taking our bubbles away, oh no! I was laughing pretty hard as we all experimented:

122a - Phoebe - Jeannine_Pound_Photography122a - Phoebe - Jeannine_Pound_Photography      139a - Phoebe - Jeannine_Pound_Photography139a - Phoebe - Jeannine_Pound_Photography < ^ bubble guns behind-the-scenes

I'm so glad we did this; the portraits with floating bubbles in Sherwood Forest are so fun :)  I think I like to view them all at once:

00 CONTACT SHEET - Phoebe - Class of 202100 CONTACT SHEET - Phoebe - Class of 2021 00 CONTACT SHEET 2 - Phoebe - Class of 202100 CONTACT SHEET 2 - Phoebe - Class of 2021

We had begun at our shoot at sunrise (6am-ish) ~ partly for the pretty light, and partly to avoid the rain in the forecast ~

At about this time, the rain came tumbling down...

...with perfect timing! We were ready to move on to the INDOOR half of our Photography Session plan. I would experience Phoebe's kitchen ~ Magic happens there :)  Photos soon ~ but prior to that:


LOOK at how cool this is!!! PHOEBE GIRL OWNS A BIZ!!


Click to check out Phoebe's baked delicacies :)You make me smile, Phoebe, I love your sense of humor!!!


& she shares her recipes :)


on Instagram as @phoebestressbakes

Thank you, Phoebe, Kim & Gavin, for choosing to make Phoebe's senior portraits with me! I'm so glad I know you!



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