Zach's Rock Climbing (senior) Portraits :)

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... look at about the halfway point of the cliff, on the right side of the waterfall ~


~ In Zach's free time, you'll find him in the mountains ~ 

:D woot woot! This was near the completion of our time together ~ we built UP TO the waterfall ~ we started (relatively) smaller :)

First: completion of preparations: Zach scheduled a neat trim-up with Barber Val, at Gene Juarez Men, at The Bravern.


All he needed was packed in his car, so immediately after the Barber, Zach drove East to Snoqualmie Pass.

I followed, and when arriving at our first location, I was a bit confused - I never saw the trailhead.

The entrance felt hidden & secret ~

Zach led the way through tall off-road undergrowth. The moment we were standing at the entrance, I didn't know how I could have missed it ~ 

a huge wildlife tunnel led to our climbing range. Within thick summertime foliage, the yawning tunnel is discreetly hidden from the nearby mountain road.

Headlamps? Check.

At one point, as I followed Zach, his silhouette was so picturesque, and to my eye, shows so much that we don't see in color photos, I had to pause:



Our Wildlife Tunnel leads to "Fun Forest" , a quintessential PNW rockscape of climbing routes.

020-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography020-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography 018-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography018-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography

Fellow climber, Brenna, is here to belay & double-check all the safety equipment ^.

I also appreciate our sherpas, thank you Joy & Nancy!

Okay, Forgive Me Now! for mistakes in naming Zach's climbing routes - or better yet - message me the corrections you can see are needed, please!

I LOVE route names!!!! They are whimsical, fun, fantastical :)

Here Zach is starting a route called:




022-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography022-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography 025-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography025-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography The bolt Zach has clipped into ^ is shared by several routes: "POST-WIRED", "KILL ME IF I START TO LIVE", and  "FLIGHT TO MARS" after the 4th bolt ~ these names make my heart sing & laugh & give me big smiles :) 

Given, it seems that there are likely multiple names for the same routes! Because... everyone who conquers a route would like to name it ;)

To me, THE iconic route in this part of the playground is inside the detached pillar that forms: 





Luckily for this photographer, there is a semi-circular scramble around the back, rounded side of the cliff ~ that brought me to a closer view as Zach climbed:   050-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography050-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography


069-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography069-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography 074-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography074-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography


079-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography079-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography 080-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography080-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography
085-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography085-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography 086-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography086-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography

104-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography104-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography 109-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography109-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography 119-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography119-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography

YES! Our Warm-Up is finished ;) Next up, Franklin Falls!

I LOVE Franklin Falls, I've enjoyed photographing here several times and its beauty is outrageous. I have yet to do a Winter shoot here with the "ice fall" and snow all around... hmmm...

A delightful trail through old growth forest leads to a narrow staircase, where we stopped to take some potential yearbook shots :) 


130-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography130-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography Senior Portraits with Jeannine Pound Photography in SeattleSenior Portraits with Jeannine Pound Photography in Seattle 138-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography138-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography

134-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography134-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography 136-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography136-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography



155-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography155-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography 156-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography156-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography


The wet slick rocks are FAR too dangerous for climbing. Zach will rappel. 




Securely roped above, and with Brenna belaying below, Zach carefully began his descent.

Waterfall top to bottom:

At this point, Zach is in the middle at about the mid-point of the Falls :)


171Ayellow-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography171Ayellow-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography 171Byellow-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography171Byellow-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography 171Cyellow-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography171Cyellow-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography


Exhileration, through the misty view ~ a couple more moments as Zach finishes his descent:


176yellow-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography176yellow-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography 182yellow-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography182yellow-Zach-2020-Jeannine-Pound-Photography



Successful Senior Portrait Shoot! Whew! Oh my! 

This was exhilarating for everybody involved. Thank you to Zach & his family for offering this opportunity to me :) 


Eastlake High School


Lake Washington Institute of Technology.

Class of 2021


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