Elly ~ Eastlake Class of 2021 !

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Zip zip! That was Elly! I honestly have never had a client who wanted to be finished with photos as quickly as Elly wanted to be finished with photos ~ I used to say that every client has fun, even the guys ~ but now I may have an exception! Maybe she had fun... oh I dunno, maybe not! But ... SHE DID IT :) She did it for her Mum :) She did it for her yearbook :) She just wanted to get it behind her as fast as possible !  I have photographed Elly once before, and she was fine... maybe because it was an ENTIRE FAMILY shoot, and she could be part of the crowd instead of being the end-all-be-all-center-of-attention! Anyway, she had LOVED her hair at that shoot, done by the experts at Larissa Sofia Salon, in Klahanie :)  So we went there again for her senior portraits !  And her hair was styled just the way she likes it, yippeee!!

Elly's first choice for location is Beaver Lake Park, in Sammamish :)  Sunlight filtered through the canopy for us, it was a gorgeous place for portraits!

1 - Elly - Jeannine-Pound-Photography 3.51.20 PM- B1 - Elly - Jeannine-Pound-Photography 3.51.20 PM- B


Patented Elly smile, love it :) 


2 - Elly - Jeannine-Pound-Photography- B2 - Elly - Jeannine-Pound-Photography- B


Next, the cutest little flower farm... gorgeous :) 


3 - Elly - Jeannine-Pound-Photography- B3 - Elly - Jeannine-Pound-Photography- B

4 - Elly - Jeannine-Pound-Photography- B4 - Elly - Jeannine-Pound-Photography- B

5 - Elly - Jeannine-Pound-Photography- B5 - Elly - Jeannine-Pound-Photography- B


And Snoqualmie has a fantastic steak house, Woodman Lodge ... it was closed for COVID, but the exterior is still fun, and had gorgeous flowers... 


6 - Elly - Jeannine-Pound-Photography- B6 - Elly - Jeannine-Pound-Photography- B

I so love the colors in this one ^  :D


Next, for sunset drama, Elly really wanted Mount Si !

The mountain turns rosy red if we have clear skies at sunset.

We took in the view from the visitor center at Meadowbrook Farm :


7 - Elly - Jeannine-Pound-Photography- B7 - Elly - Jeannine-Pound-Photography- B




8 - Elly - Jeannine-Pound-Photography- B8 - Elly - Jeannine-Pound-Photography- B


A successful senior portrait shoot for Miss Elly!!

She likes her portraits, she loves them, so the way I tortured her was WORTH IT!!


I am glad I know you, Elly! I'm glad I have known you since you were LITTLE!

I appreciate how the Lord made you just the way you are ~

your quick sense of humor,

your ability to build tight long-lasting friendships,

your humility & attention focused on others instead of yourself,

your love of the outdoors,

your strong relationships with your family :)



Congratulations, Elly!!

2 months until graduation!!!






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