Celebrating THIS couple ~ Marisa & Ben

June 24, 2022  •  2 Comments

Today I am contentedly diving into memories of this beautiful engagement session for...

Marisa & Ben


8 days from today - we will be celebrating with them as they tie the knot in Cle Elum, WA...

The memories shared today are actually from 2 years ago, the Spring of 2020.

I'm so looking forward to being with them again next week!!


I'm starting from the end of our day ^ back in late June 2020 ~ We hiked the Saddle Rock trail to be there at sunset. This trail was new to me and gorgeous. The views overlook all of Wenatchee. The mountain is always there above the city. All the colors were pinks and deep red-browns. The trail was steep and worth it.



Ben & Marisa met at the meet & greet for the UW medical school student body... each on the verge of the exciting and grueling world of medical school - I'm sure the occasion was celebratory - each student had been accepted to begin this new chapter in life - and I'm guessing there were nerves as well - hopes & dreams while trying to push away fears?

They had been acquaintances / friends within this larger group of med students ~ their impressions of each other increasingly positive ~

(LMK, M&B if we need edits to your story!)

And it was during a group trip to Marisa's family cabin / home in Cle Elum

that Marisa fell for Ben head over heels all-in :) 


Next weekend, July 2, 2022 ~ their WEDDING ~ will be at this same family home where they fell for each other :)


Ben was a city kid growing up, and he fell in love with a rodeo princess - 

he's been learning horses ever since!

I remember at Marisa's sister's wedding reception -

Marisa & youngest sis Julia stood up in their bridesmaids' dresses & cowboy boots with their microphones in front of the entire banquet tent & teased their new brother-in-law Eddie about how THE test he had needed to pass was whether he would like horses ~ or maybe whether the horses would like him?? ~ and Eddy had passed the Wickerath test with flying colors ~

Ben is right there on that road!! I think he's passing the test!

He only had a minor issue during this particular photography day ~

46-16x24 -MarisaBen-JeanninePoundPhotography46-16x24 -MarisaBen-JeanninePoundPhotography

It seemed that our palomino, Louie, was a little...


34-Marisa&Ben-JeanninePoundPhotography34-Marisa&Ben-JeanninePoundPhotography 29-Marisa&Ben-JeanninePoundPhotography29-Marisa&Ben-JeanninePoundPhotography  

I think Louie wanted to prove something to Ben -

and thus was created

one of my most favorite photos of all time -

because there is so much to love in this image!


But Louie forgave Ben for smooching Marisa,

with a kiss for him as well:


Test passed!





I think I laughed at that series just as much writing this today as when it happened ^ 

When I received Ben & Marisa's original Save the Date card in the mail,

and I slipped the card from the envelope...

my breath was taken away...

[insert photo of save-the-date when I find my copy!]

We had permission to use a beautiful apple & cherry orchard...

It overlooked the Columbia River.

The sun was behind them...



and I am SO LOOKING FORWARD to photographing these two more next weekend ~

with their families & friends ~

Ben & Marisa delayed their wedding in order to celebrate as a group without so many covid concerns - 

I'm so glad -

SO MUCH has happened between then and now!

Cheers, all!! Until next weekend!




Deborah Titus(non-registered)
Two beautiful individuals becoming one. You both look beautiful and will do great things for the world!
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